Manifest Health

* Natural and Naturopathically inspired products
* Over 30,000 valued customers
* 75,000+ enema kits sold to date
* 35,000+ kilos of saWilson's coffee sold to date
* Consistently awarded 5 star feedback

'Manifest Health is the leading specialist supplier of enema products & equipment in the UK & ROI'

Supplying customers, buying groups, therapists, retailers & wholesalers in the UK & Worldwide

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***BREXIT UPDATE: Due to the fluctuations in the value of Sterling GBP on the international exchange markets it may now become  necessary to amend the price of saWilson’s coffee according to the impact of the exchange rate on us as we import from Canada. At the moment prices do not need to change but this is notice that they might! Fixed purchase pricing is no longer possible for the saWilson’s coffee commencing October 12th until further notice. We apologise for this uncertainty but it is due to influences outside our control.  ***

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