A guide to taking an enema

Our tip is to ensure that you are in a relaxed environment when you take your enema. Get everything ready before you start and be sure to have everything you need close to hand.

Try to plan time so that you will not be disturbed half way through (switch off your mobile phone, turn off your TV etc). You may like to read a magazine as you take your enema or do positive visualisations or meditiations. Have plenty of warm fresh towels to hand. Make sure that your bathroom is warm and tidy.

    • Connect all the equipment together.
      Make sure that the tap mechanism is closed before you fill up the bag with fluids.
    • Fill the enema bag or bucket with warm filtered distilled water or bottled water. A half a litre should be enough until you are more experienced in this procedure. There are suggested enema recipes on this site, and at www.enemarecipes.co.uk For more detailed information you could consider purchasing ‘The Enema Solution’ booklet from the shop in our site.
    • Open the tap to run some of the water through the tube and out of the tap to release any air in the long tubing or tap. Close the tap again ready to start.
    • Suspend the water bottle less than three feet above the hips from a convenient hook or supporting rail. Enemas use gravity to feed the water down from the bag through the tube and into your anus so the suspension height is important to ensure the right flow rate.
    • Apply lubricating jelly (any natural Lubricant is good) to the enema tip and to your anus.
    • Lie on your right hand side and insert the lubricated enema tube into the anus. Do this slowly and without force.
    • Open the tap to allow the water to flow into your anus. Gravity will feed the water down through the tube for as long as the tap is open. You may feel more comfortable letting the water feed down in stages rather than trying to take it in all in one go.
    • Hold the water for as long as you can and then sit on the lavatory to allow the evacuation of faecal matter and water. Don’t rush, strain or force. You will be able to hold onto the water for longer periods with practice and the process is very much personal thing. Find the right way for you. Over time it will become very straightforward.
    • Don’t forget that it’s really important to clean the equipment after use. Use a gentle but effective sterilising solution. Find out more about this from our Care of your equipment page’.

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