Unrefined French Celtic Sea Salt – 450g Coarse Light Grey Crystals


A damp, light grey unrefined Celtic Salt with coarse crystals.
'Pale grey’ in colour, unrefined uniodised  Celtic sea salt, harvested according to traditional Celtic methods by hand, hand picked, hand sorted & finally hand packed by certified organic packers here in the UK.

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Unrefined French Celtic Sea Salt – 450g Coarse Light Grey Crystals

Unrefined coarse crystal ‘pale grey’ sea salt, harvested in the time honoured way and strictly gathered according to traditional Celtic methods. Uniodized whole salt. The grey colour comes from the clay lined salt ponds where the salt is collected by hand,  and as the salt has not been heat treated or bleached it retains its original colour.

This, then, is truly ‘raw’ salt. It is genuine and authentic with all the crystals still being in their natural state. Suitable for cooking and for using in bathing and detox regimes.

Because the salt is unprocessed and has been handled with absolute care and attention this salt has not been changed or denatured. You can fully benefit from the full spectrum of important trace elements and minerals this salt contains. The Natural Salt Seller ensures that the salt is hand harvested, hand picked, hand sorted and even carefully hand packed by certified organic packers in the UK.

Please note, this salt is still slightly damp so it would suit a mortar and pestle rather than traditional salt mills.

From time to time small flecks of clay or seaweed remain in the salt crystals and may find their way into the packs. The quality of the salt will not be affected.


We like to ask the right questions here at the Natural Salt Seller and when we interviewed the supplier of this salt prior to purchase we also asked about the salts traceability, harvesting processes, impact on nature, its inherent purity and nutritional value. All the boxes got ticked to our satisfaction! Copy certificates from the salt plaudiers and laboratories are held at our  premises.

Kosher Salt

The Natural Salt Seller’s Unrefined Sea Salt has been Certified a Kosher Salt  by the London Beth Din Kashrut Division (KLBD).  Kosher foods must meet complex and strict requirements of Jewish law. To monitor this, Rabbis supervise production and packaging operations within food and drink manufacturing operations then certify that the products meet all kosher requirements to ensure that foods remain in their natural state. This has been certified as a Kosher salt.

Nature & Progrès

The Natural Salt Seller’s Unrefined Sea Salt carries the Nature & Progrès label. Nature & Progrès is a sought after quality mark. Since just after the turn of the 1900s this has been the leading organic farming organisation in France and Europe. It stands for respect for Nature without standing in the way of Progress, which places it at the leading edge of organic farming development, and includes producers, transformers, distributors and consumers. The label is a guarantee of environmentally friendly agricultural practices and the natural quality of the salt.

Dehydration and Salt

Hellis Hill, a well respected Therapist who regularly buys this unrefined coarse Sea Salt for her Clinic explained that she regularly suggests her clients place not more than 3 grains of this salt in a large glass of filtered drinking water and drinks this daily to help them to rehydrate their cells. Dehydration is a problem nowadays so anything we can do to help the body get the water it needs should be considered beneficial. Not all salts will work to help rehydrate the body though, only unrefined sea salts that are nutritionally intact will do the job, having all the trace elements and minerals in the perfect package as Mother Nature intended.  So, quench your thirst daily with one glass of filtered water containing a few tiny grains of unrefined coarse Sea Salt.

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