Chamomile Flower

There is an old saying that ‘Where Chamomile grows the plants in the garden will be healthier’. These dainty, daisy-like flowers with fern-like leaves and white and gold flower heads have widely been used for herbal teas but here we give a simple recipe for a Chamomile enema.

Traditionally, the Chamomile infusion was used to soothe and cleanse the colon and was said to be helpful with haemorrhoids (piles) and for liver cleansing. It is said that it may even help with nausea! Do refer to published texts or a qualified Herbalist to see if this is the right enema type for you and to check that it would be safe for you personally. No claims to diagnose, treat or cure any illness are made or implied for this product.

You can purchase organically grown Chamomile flowers from Manifest Health’s website by following this link.

Here’s what you do to make a Chamomile Enema:

MH-Chamomile-Flowers– Bring a litre of water to the boil in a non-aluminium saucepan and add 3 teaspoons of chamomile flowers.

– Let the mixture sit for between 7 and 10 minutes

– Strain mixture through a fine metal sieve.

– Make mixture back up to 1 litre with more cool pure water.

Do not store the Chamomile infusion. Store your Chamomile flowers in a cool dark dry place.


Enemas: What do I do!?

You can buy an enema kit from Manifest Health’s website by following this link.

An enema administers a lower bowel flush, typically lying down in a knee bent position. The liquid is gravity fed. For evacuation, the tip is removed and the fluid is expelled into the toilet. The procedure is repeated as necessary.

1. Before and after you take your enema you should always make sure your equipment is thoroughly clean. Check the equipment thoroughly to ensure it is clean. Flush out the tube and tap to ensure that they are clear throughout.

2. Connect all the equipment together. The enema attachment is the small tip, the vaginal douche attachment the longer tip. Make sure that the tap mechanism is closed. Fill the enema bag or bucket with mineral or filtered water which is at room temperature.

3. Suspend the enema bag less than three feet above the hips from a convenient hook on the wall or door, or supporting rail. Run some of the water through the tube and out of the tap end to release any air in the long tubing or tap before use. Close the tap again ready to start.

4. Apply lubricating jelly (olive oil is good or KY jelly) to the enema tip and also to the outside of the anus. Lie either on your side, kneeling head down bottom up, or on your back. Insert the lubricated enema tip into the anus and turn the tap mechanism allowing the water to flow in. Gravity will feed the water down through the tube for as long as the tap is open. You may feel more comfortable letting the water feed down in stages to allow the fluid to settle, in fact that is preferable to trying to take it in all in one go. It is a bit fiddly but with practice it gets simpler.

5. Now, lie on your right hand side (Remove the tip if it is easier). Hold the fluid inside you for as long as you can without it being uncomfortable. When you are ready to sit on the lavatory go to the toilet to allow the evacuation of the faecal matter and water. Don’t rush, strain or force. You will be able to hold onto the water for longer periods with practice.

Once you have completed a plain water enema you use the Chamomile solution. Try to retain the solution for about 12 minutes.

Don’t forget that it’s really important to clean the equipment after use. Use a gentle but effective sterilising solution. Store the equipment where it can air dry thoroughly.

How often can you take an enema?

Manifest Health cannot advise on how frequently you should be taking enemas. If you are healthy an enema can be safely taken once or twice a week. If you are following a specific detox programme that states that you should take the enemas more frequently then do so if you feel it is safe for you. If in any doubt about what is suitable for you please consult a qualified Therapist who can advise according to your individual needs.

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