We’ve always recommended that you consume some kind of potassium broth when detoxing. It’s advisable to be having potassium broths to make sure that your electrolite levels stay balanced.

Because we knew the importance of these broths we always enclosed a recipe for a potassium broth in our free leaflet until recently but now we are publishing it online instead.  Our good friends who are RAW foodies reminded us that you can have a fabulously tasty Potassium Broth without cooking it and have shared their recipe with us!

It takes about 15 minutes max to get all the veggies together, chopped and juiced for the Raw potassium broth.

All you need is about 3 stalks of fresh organic celery, 3 organic carrots, two handfuls of organic baby spinach, a handful of organic parsley. Pop them all in your juicer to extract all the goodness and sip healthily straight away!

It’s probably better to make this potassium broth fresh each time as you want the goodness as fresh and at its best as possible.

Once you’ve made the raw potassium broth for the first few times you’ll soon start to experiment. We now add all sorts of things like a half a teaspoon of organic black strap molasses, some Beet tops, or maybe a small chunk of fresh ginger or even a pinch of Unrefined French Sea Salt. Yum! What a start to the day.

We hope you love it as much as we do.

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