When detoxing you put additional pressure on your elminative organs. The skin is a huge eliminative organ and plays an integral part in any detox regime.  Support your skin throughout detox and keep your products as natural and simple as possible.  Detox Approved Skincare is available to buy in our online shop but here is a simple ‘home’ version for you to make. The ingredients can all be found in our shop too!

Level of Experience: Suitable for beginners

Here’s my recipe:

300g  unrefined dry sea salt – very fine grained 10g/15g body butter (Coconut oil/Shea butter/Mango butter) 100ml of nourishing skin oils (eg Peach kernel/Apricot kernel oil/Sweet lAmond oil or Grapeseed oil) 22 drops essential oil blend (This can be left out if you have ultra sensitive skin)

You’ll also need:

Plastic or China mixing bowl 1 ltr capacity Small glass pyrex jug – 500ml capacity Wooden or plastic spatula & spoon Kilner Jar with a tightly fitting lid, labels & ribbons to decorate if that’s your thing!



Pour the sea salt into your mixing bowl.  Make sure that there are no lumps in the salt.

Melt the body butter in a bain marie (never never microwave) and then pour the melted butters into the bowl of salt. Stir the melted butter and salt mix thoroughly until the butter is fully dispersed in amongst the grains of salt. It’ll take a slightly fluffy appearance once it’s properly blended.

Pour  the runny oils into the pyrex jug.  Add the essential oils if you are using them.  Mix throroughly with a plastic spoon.

Add the runny oil blend from the pyrex jug into the mixing bowl contining the salt and butter blend and stir thoroughly. Allow the mix to sit for 5 minutes then stir thoroughly again before putting the polish into your storage jar. Keep the jars upright.

Because of the large quantity of natural oils and vitamin E  in these oils in this salt polish I recommend you store this product in the fridge and away from sunlight or heat. Use within 3 – 6 months. Stir thoroughly before each use. If you put this in the fridge make sure you label the salt product ‘do not eat’!


I aim to use salt which is as ‘whole’ as I can source. Full spectrum salt contains as many of its original trace elements and minerals as you’d find when when the salt is harvested from source. Using a great quality salt hopefully means that trace elements and minerals can be transferred to my skin as a nourishing treat.

Body butters come in all shapes and sizes. I adore cold pressed Cocoa butter, Coconut oil or Shea butters. You may be able to source Mango or Aloe butter too.

Nourishing oils include those such as almond, sunflower, peach kernel, avocado, jojoba or a blend of these oils. Vitamin E is fab for the skin.

When making skin-care products I like to keep bowls, jugs and utensils seperate from those I use for food preparation.

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