Revitalising your Inner Oceans is fantastic at any time of the year and you can do this so easily by focussing on optimising your different eliminative organs.

We’d suggest you start by clearing your Liver and your Colon first and then you can confidently move on to implement whatever overall programme you’ll be following.

Clearing the Colon:

The process works by:

  • Removing lodged toxins and waste matter from the colon (Enema kits).
  • Re-building the colon environment by nourishing it, making it a better place for the bacteria and microflora you need for digestion to flourish and multiply.
  • Taking more exercise to strengthen the natural muscular contractions in the colon.
  • Eating a diet that places less stress on your colon. Keep a food diary and notice the effects food and drink have on your colon, and on your general well being.
  • Make lifestyle changes to help your colon stay healthier longer term.
  • Drink plenty of fresh clear fluids.
  • Don’t overload your other eliminative processes, dry skin brushing will help prevent overloading the skin, non toxifying household care, detox approved skincare products, a diet with plenty of natural food and drinks to help your liver. Take a look at the detox approved skincare and products in our online shop.

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