Detox Approved skin & body products

What you put onto your skin will be absorbed by it. Our skin is the largest of our organs and we should remember that it can absorb as well as eliminate.

When you have gone to the effort of detoxing and you want to prevent the chance that you will expose your skin to the kinds of chemicals that create toxic loads in our body then it makes sense to look for products that offer a low toxicity option.

Detox Approved is a quality marque that identifies products, services, businesses and people that offer products designed to reduce or remove the chance of toxic load when they are used.

This luxurious detox approved skin-care range from the multi-award winning Artisan Spa Company answers that need precisely and these amazing skin-care products will cleanse and nourish your skin without the risk of retoxification.

This entire range is SLS, MPG & Paraben free. Alcohol free. There are no synthetic fragrances, colouring or mineral oils in the range. Mostly Vegetarian, often Vegan too. here is a link to our shop where you can view our Detox approved skincare

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