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“When I first faced the prospect of having colonics to clear the junk and debris out of my colon I have to say I was not looking forward to it. It was not anyway near as bad as I thought. I have, since then, kept myself bright and shiny on the inside by regularly taking enemas and I’m convinced they make a big difference to my health. Take a look around this section for lots of info on this fascinating topic.

A worrying statistic is that 7 out of 10 people have problems going to the toilet at some time in their life and 3 of those 7 have a long term issue.

If you think that not many people take enemas you would be wrong. Manifest Health is one of the biggest international resellers of Enema kits, we’ve resold over 75,000+ enema kits to date. Manifest Health is the exclusive importer for UK and ROI for the fantastic fine grind enema coffee produced by saWilson’s of Canada. This coffee is organic at source and we’ve shipped over 45,000+ kilos of saWilson’s coffee around the world.

When you are detoxing an enema or colonic can be your best friend as when your elimination of toxins starts using these processes will really support your eliminative organs in getting those toxins out of the body before they have a chance to be reabsorbed or to cause detox headaches and such.

This is the information we use to help us with bowel cleansing and the products on the site are the ones we always use.”


Amanda Nelson
Founder and Managing Director of Manifest Health



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