Colon Detox: How the process works

If you have a colon that is overwhelmed with toxins you can take positive steps to address the problem.

The process works by:

  • Removing lodged toxins and waste matter from the colon.
  • Re-building the colon environment by nourishing it, making it a better place for the bacteria and microflora you need for digestion.
  • Taking more exercise to strengthen the natural muscular contractions in the colon.
  • Eating a diet that places less stress on your colon. Keep a food diary and notice the effects food and drink have on your colon, and on your general well being.
  • Make lifestyle changes to help your colon stay healthier longer term.
  • Drink plenty of fresh clear fluids.
  • Don’t overload your other eliminative processes, dry skin brushing will help prevent overloading the skin, non toxifying household care, skin bathing and beauty products, a diet with plenty of natural food and drinks to help your liver. Take a look at the detox approved skincare and products in our online shop.

Here are some tips to get you started!

Reduce colonic stress

Giving your colon foods that are less effort to process reduces colonic stress. Find foods that are natural, wholesome, high-fibre and low-fat. The colon should be able to process these more effectively. Why not try having smaller meals more frequently throughout the day too.


A machine that is not used gets clunky, it may become dysfunctional. So many of our bodies functions are daisy chained so exercise on a regular basis will make a difference to your whole system. If you exercise then all of your body should benefit – this includes the colon.

Keep fit

We can all increase our exercise and it doesn’t mean you need to join the nearest gym or athletics association! Take the stairs instead of using a lift, park your car in the furthest space from the front entrance, clean your house!

It all helps to increase the exercise you take and if it’s gentler to start off with you’re more likely to stick at it long term. Exercise impacts on the proper functioning of the body.

Squat, don’t sit

If you can use a squatting posture rather than a seated one when going to the toilet the anal canal straightens and your bowels will open more effectively. This could well be a key to helping prevent or overcome constipation and problems with haemorrhoids and anal fissures.

Don’t wilt yourself

Have you seen what happens to a plant when it is starved of water? Drink plenty of fresh clear fluids. Make sure that all aspects of your body are well hydrated with refreshing cleansing fluids by taking those fluids on a regular basis in their safest most natural form.

Water is the most important ingredient in your diet. Without enough water you will stress your system. Make sure your body doesn’t go short so that the colon can work.

Flush that debris out

Drink plenty of water in a pure clear natural form. The colon needs this water to help ‘flush effectively’, it’s hard to clean anything properly without enough water!

Relax regularly

Relax regularly, make time for pleasure – you do deserve it. If you can avoid stress it will help. If you can’t avoid stress make sure that part of your life is regularly dedicated to something that you truly value and enjoy – it may act as an effective counter balance.

Help with thorough cleansing

You could choose to use colonic therapy, or home enema kits to assist in the removal of matter from the colon. Use these as regularly as you feel help you. Performing an enema is much easier than you think. Take a look at our basic guide to how to take an enema or follow the links to enema recipes where the whole process is outlined.

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