If constipated you will need to increase your fibre intake and ensure that you take in adequate volumes of water. Fibre by itself is not enough. It is the water you drink at the same time that will help the fibre to work effectively.

  • Try to avoid the use of Laxatives or anything if they work by irritating the colon.
  • Natural fibre rich foods will help (apricots, prunes etc)
  • You should think in terms of drinking 2 – 3 litres of fluid per day, including, for example, filtered water, pure mineral water and some freshly juiced fruit or vegetable juices. Drink small cups of a variety of fluids regularly throughout the day to really hydrate your system and help the fibre you’ve taken in do its job.
  • Avoid wheat in any form, breads, pasta, cakes and products made from refined sugars like biscuits etc.
  • All foods and drinks ought to be in their purest most natural form.
  • Eat plenty of raw fruit and vegetables, high fibre muesli from linseeds, pepitas, sunflower, sesame, psyllium husks, oat bran, rice bran, lecitihin granules.
  • Increase your exercise, take a walk, do some extra housework or go for a swim – it all helps the colon to move things along.

When you do finally feel like you’d like to go to the toilet, make it as pleasant for yourself as you can – find a private space and time, ensure that the room is warm and you have everything you need close to hand.

Try not to delay responding to your body when you get the urge to try to open your bowels, delaying can make matters worse.

If you can only go a bit that’s a start! Once you have started to go to the toilet more easily keep up the routine with fibre, water etc. else you could slip back into having problems.

If you are in a real pickle with constipation speak to a colonic therapist – they help many people with problems just like yours. Talking to someone who understands your difficulty and can make positive suggestions will really help.

If you don’t feel that you can go to see a colonic therapist and want to tackle the issue by yourself we’d suggest you think about how you would best prefer to go to the toilet – maybe you’d feel happier going to the toilet in the bath or shower at first, perhaps squatting into an old washing up bowl that you don’t use any more – provided you thoroughly clean and disinfect afterwards it won’t matter – the most important thing is that you feel comfortable enough to ‘go’ when you finally feel able to.

If this is a regular problem you might like to find out more about Colonics and Enemas. Having the right equipment to hand may be able to support your long term health and well-being. Ultimately though, if constipation is an issue you should go to visit your GP in case it is masking some other medical condition that needs attention.


  • Try not to sit for long periods on the loo trying to go. You can put too much strain on your body and may end up with painful piles, a fissure or worse.
  • If you already have painful piles or a fissure or you are afraid that the stools inside you are so hard that you may find passing the stool too painful then ask your GP if you can discuss temporarily using a product like Instillagel. Instillagel will temporarily numb the anal area so that you don’t fear the pain of passing a hard stool. As is is a gel it may also help lubricate the area.

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