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Home Enema bags

A home enema kit (such as the Artsana enema bag) is used to administer a lower bowel flush, typically lying down in a knee bent position.

The liquid is gravity fed in via the anus. For evacuation, the tip is removed from the anus and the fluid is expelled into the toilet. The procedure is repeated as necessary.

This enema bag is small, portable and economical, typically less than £15 to buy. If you purchase additional enema kit tips and taps more than one person in the family can use the equipment provided strict rules of hygiene are followed. You can buy a home enema bag from Manifest Health.

We stock the Artsana Home Enema bag, coffee and a range of herbs for use with your enema kit.

Professional Colonics

Professional colonic systems vary, however, most will flush the colon quickly using water pressure. The therapist may use massage on the abdomen for better results. You may need to fill out a simple health questionnaire and chat through your health concerns with the therapist. Your privacy is respected at all times.

We don’t hold a directory of colonic therapists however you could contact the Association of Colonic Hydrotherapists and they should be able to recommend a practitioner in your region.  Passing on details of a practitioner must not be mistaken for a recommendation of any kind on our part, but if you use a Therapist you would recommend – let us know!

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