Squat, don’t sit… The natural way to go to the toilet!

im-resources-squat-imageThere are few things in life that are more frustrating and uncomfortable than not being able to release the contents of a sluggish colon. Did you know, though, that if you sit down on a toilet seat to go to the toilet you may be making things more complicated for yourself?

When you sit to open your bowels the anal canal is un-straightened. If you can use a squatting posture the anal canal straightens and your bowels will open more effectively. This could well be a key to helping prevent or overcome constipation, straining  and problems with haemorrhoids for example.

Most sufferers usually notice significant comfort improvement within 7 -14 days of making this simple change of habit. You could benefit simply by allowing your body wastes to pass through the straightened anal canal.

How can you squat when the design of the toilet makes it almost impossible?

There are several ways you can manage to turn your present toilet into one where you can squat but they normally involve adding some kind of platform or steps to raise the level of your feet so you can assume a squatting position. Therapists used to recommend using ‘Yellow Pages’ directories for the job of raising the feet, but with the advent of the internet these wonderful directories are now less and less available!  An inexpensive way to raise the level of your feet while sitting on the toilet could be to buy a couple of the small plastic steps that toddlers use to be able to reach the toilet or bathroom sink.

You could decide to temporarily stop using the toilet altogether and ‘go’ in a plastic bowl or bucket until you are able to evacuate more thoroughly. You would have to clean the bowl or bucket very thoroughly each time after use and ensure there was no way the bowl or bucket would be used for anything else.  happy pooping  ;-0

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