Easy detox is the best way to detox. You certainly don't need any more overwhelm in your life.→ Read more
Revitalising your Inner Oceans is fantastic at any time of the year and you can do this so easily by focussing on optimising your different eliminative organs. We'd suggest you start by clearing my Liver and my Colon first and then you can confidently move on to implement whatever overall→ Read more
A fine grind lightly roasted coffee blend that can be drunk as well as being very suitable as a blend for cleansing enemas. Certified Organic in Canada.→ Read more
I believe that detoxifying the body is an ideal way to eliminate toxic substances that build up in the organs and prevent your system from functioning at its best.→ Read more
When I am asked what Epsom Salts taste like in a drink I scrunch my nose and say ‘a bit like drinking nail varnish remover’. These salts are so bitter that you can (and probably will) end up gagging, so why do we take them?→ Read more
There is an old saying that 'Where Chamomile grows the plants in the garden will be healthier'. These dainty, daisy-like flowers with fern-like leaves and white and gold flower heads have widely been used for herbal teas but here we give a simple recipe for a Chamomile enema.→ Read more
Esther Hicks brings through motivational life coaching from 'Abraham' who is thought to be a collective of higher souls that wish to help us maximise life in the easiest possible way. This is energetic life coaching in a direct and illustrative form and it can be applied to health, detox→ Read more
The skin is a huge eliminative organ and plays an integral part in any detox regime. Support your skin throughout detox and keep your products as natural and simple as possible. Detox Approved Skincare is available from Manifest Health. If you'd rather make your own here is a simple 'home'→ Read more
We’ve always recommended that you consume some kind of potassium broth when detoxing. It's advisable to be having potassium broths to make sure that your electrolite levels stay balanced. Here's a simple RAW recipe for you to make.→ Read more
This delicious cake doesn’t load on empty calories or cholesterol, it is moist, sweet and very fruity yet contains no refined sugar or fat. This cake is also free of eggs and dairy products (including milk) which means it’s suitable for most people to share. Teamed up with a glass→ Read more