When you think about detox it’s usually about a profound physical detox that takes place under supervision at a specialist Spa or retreat. For upto 14 days you concentrate on fasting, juicing, colon cleansing and types of massage to set the body into intense housekeeping mode.

To me, detox is more about removing and letting go of anything that has a negative or potentially detrimental effect on your wellbeing and you should be able to let it go from right where you are now. All you need is the right guidance. I’m here to be that guide.

Follow my ‘6 guiding principles’ and dip into my blog. Detoxing truly couldn’t be easier.

  1. Be willing to change your mind
  2. Opt for low-tox or no-tox options where available
  3. Use a common sense approach in all things
  4. Easier choices get chosen most often
  5. Perfection is limiting
  6. Don’t let the past dictate your future

Getting started with detoxing

Revitalising your Inner Oceans is fantastic at any time of the year and you can do this so easily by focussing on optimising your different eliminative organs. We’d suggest you start by clearing my Liver and my Colon first and then you can confidently move on to implement whatever overall programme you’ll be following.

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Kidney detox

I believe that detoxifying the body is an ideal way to eliminate toxic substances that build up in the organs and prevent your system from functioning at its best.

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Esther & Abraham Hicks – High Flying Disc detox

Esther Hicks brings through motivational life coaching from ‘Abraham’ who is thought to be a collective of higher souls that wish to help us maximise life in the easiest possible way. This is energetic life coaching in a direct and illustrative form and it can be applied to health, detox and healing. In this blog post, Amanda Nelson looks at
how emotions generated by our thoughts are subsequently translated into our reality and asks how this can affect our ease and the results we achieve during detox.

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Sea Salt Body Scrub – Detox Approved Skincare Recipe

The skin is a huge eliminative organ and plays an integral part in any detox regime. Support your skin throughout detox and keep your products as natural and simple as possible. Detox Approved Skincare is available from Manifest Health. If you’d rather make your own here is a simple ‘home’ version for you to make. The ingredients can all be found in our shop too!

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Treasure Chest Molly Cake Recipe

This delicious cake doesn’t load on empty calories or cholesterol, it is moist, sweet and very fruity yet contains no refined sugar or fat. This cake is also free of eggs and dairy products (including milk) which means it’s suitable for most people to share. Teamed up with a glass of something healthy, a finger thick slice of this cake is perfect.

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