When I am asked what Epsom Salts taste like in a drink I scrunch my nose and say ‘a bit like drinking nail varnish remover’. These salts are so bitter that you can (and probably will) end up gagging as they go down…so why do we take them?

Well, food grade Epsom Salts are taken to open bile ducts during a Liver Flush.

I follow Andreas Mortitz’s Liver flush protocol and on the three occasions that I braved the late night and early morning toilet trips, I must have passed over 250 stones and bits of fatty liver deposit each time.

Gross? Yes, but I must have passed enough bead sized stones for a decent necklace and matching pair of earrings.

I also hasten to add that I think the certification of the Epsom salts as ‘food grade’ feels somewhat questionable as they taste like nothing on earth.

Whilst we’re on the topic of stones passed during a Liver flush, I must share this snippet with you: A proud customer rang me to announce that he had managed to pass a single stone nearly 1 inch in length during his last Liver Flush. He was clearly delighted with this newly acquired treasure and intends to keep it in his freezer to show as a ‘party piece’ when guests go to his house for dinner.


On a more serious note though, “How badly do they want their health to improve?”

This is a phrase I keep hearing again and again from Therapists attempting to treat their clients and I have to admit that they have a point. I (reluctantly) managed to stop my taste buds getting in the way and drank the Epsom Salt solution down regardless but I know of people who refuse to take the supplement suggested by their therapist simply because it tastes bad.

That makes no sense to me at all, after all your health could probably benefit from it, and you might even end up with a unique artifact to show off at your next family get together.

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