I am thrilled to be able to introduce you to Esther and Abraham Hicks.

Esther Hicks brings through motivational life coaching from  ‘Abraham’ who is thought to be a collective of higher souls that wish to help us maximise life in the easiest possible way.  This is energetic life coaching in a direct and illustrative form and it can be applied to health, healing and detox.

I have always believed that there is a Celestial Ocean where the feeling emotions generated by our thoughts are subsequently translated into our reality. If our emotions are positive and uplifted as we detox it stands to reason (from my point of view anyway) that the detox will be easier and the results more profound.

I feel that some of the guidance from Abraham plays a valuable part in the detox and wellness process. It doesn’t matter whether you can rationalise or accept ‘how’ the information is being given to Esther, concentrate on the meaning to be found from the information itself, look for things that feel good, and take from Abraham anything that benefits you in your detox journey. If you need something to keep you focussed on feeling good as you detox I would certainly recommend this! Get on your high flying detox disc!

Follow this link through to Esther’s main website.


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